Studying with Carolena Nericcio and FatChanceBellyDance® since the summer of 1998; performing and teaching with FCBD® since 2003, Sandi Ball has experienced American Tribal Style® at the source, throughout many of its progressions.  Her focus maintains much of the earthy origins of tribal improvisation – creating inside the immediate experience, collective thinking within the group, and the understanding that the key to the success of a performance is at the center of the circle. 


With a degree in sculptural art, Sandi’s philosophy around dance and communication is unique to her way of teaching – inserting design concepts, 3-dimensional visualizations, and many other aspects of visual art.  Her style has a rich subtlety, with a strong air of confidence.  She shares her process and the way she has learned the art of ATS® in an open and honest manner.  She subscribes to the idea that ATS® can fit like a glove, in that, it molds to the body, enveloping its unique movements, so that it looks natural on each person.  She celebrates that uniqueness in each student and encourages the glove of ATS® to be worn effortlessly through her intuitive and informed instruction.


As FCBD® Instructor, Emerita, Sandi continues to enjoy bringing her experience and knowledge of ATS® to the world through her eyes.  She has many great workshops to offer and enjoys collaborating with hosts to customize topics that best fit their students’ needs.  From fundamental technique in movement to advanced performance coaching, to fun, specialty workshops on spinning, floor work, formations, musicality, artistry in ATS®, straight-up drilling, and more!  She loves to travel, meeting other dancers and looks forward to bringing ATS® to all parts of the world.



If you are interested in hiring Sandi for workshops, private lessons, and/or performances, please use the contact form below. 



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